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Taking Liberties Drama Group

The Cast

Josie Sheehan

Josie is one of the original members of the cast.  Once again Josie gets to play a black hearted character.  Auntie Nellie is a bitter drunken spinster who takes pleasure in domineering and destroying the lives of her nearest and dearest.  A role written especially for her. Previous credits include: Red Muffler in Sean O'Caseys Hall of Healing,  Maggie Polpin in Big Maggie by John B. Keane and Mother Thomas Aquinas in Once a Catholic by Mary O'Malley.  Josie has also appeared on RTE (Irelands National TV station).

Carmel Tuohy

Carmel a new member of the group, although no stranger to the boards and the greasepaint.  She has been performing since she was thirteen years old.  Carmel appeared with the Roylettes from the age of fifteen.  She has also appeared in shows in Los Vegas and did the summer season in Butlins for 10 years.  Carmel is delighted not to have any dance routines in this show, in fact after a lifetime of treading the boards this is her first time to perform in a straight role.

May Grendon

Cuddly May Grendon, the original member of the group.  May is not limited to playing old women and cranks.  She displayed her versatility and comic abilities as  Mary Mooney, a sixteen year old schoolgirl in Once a Catholic.  Here she goes back to type as the ailing but sharp tongued Granny, a part she was born to play.  May has proved hugely popular with audiences in previous shows and we're sure this time will be no exception. Previous roles include Bridie the hopeless busybody in Talk of the Town and old woman in Hall of Healing. 

Faye Breen

Another new member to the group, This will be Faye's appearance on stage, she was a casting miracle, after weeks of looking for a suitable candidate Faye arrived, having seen a poster from a previous show.  After her first night in rehearsals she was shocked to find she had landed the lead role. She plays Mary the initially gentle and caring daughter who harbour's ambitions to go up in the world.

Liz Bagnall

Liz, a shining star of the future is going to pack in her penshionable job  with the civil service and spend the rest of her life treading the boards.   She says it's her Mothers fault that shes not a star yet as she was sent to Irish Dancing classes and not Tap.  This is Liz's first appearance with the group.


Kay Fenlon

The original blond bombshell.  Another one of the original members.  kays roles include playing one of the two old busy bodies in Big Maggie and Mary Hennessy in Once a Catholic.  Kay is delighted that she dosent have to use any foul language in this play


Oliver Ennis

Oliver got into acting for the women and the drugs when he was thirteen, he's had to wait till now to get his first stage kiss.  He has a hectic schedule, when hes not sunning himself somewhere in Spain, he can be found serving a decent pint in a local pub.  Along with rehearsing he has his leaving cert to contend with next year.  He has appeared in The hall of healing and Big Maggie.


Kevin Malone

Kevin is presently studying acting full time at the Bull Alley school, he has just finished his first year there, his acting roles include Everyman in Everyman, Villager in the End of the Earth by David Lan, he also appeared in Taking Liberties first play The Hall of Healing.  Kevin has been cast in a film which will be shot in Dublin later in the summer.