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Taking Liberties Drama Group

Who we are

Welcome to the Taking Liberties web site. We are a small drama group who rehearse and perform our plays in the Liberties area of Dublin, Ireland.

Taking Liberties was established in 1996 with the sole intention of establishing a permanent drama group in the Liberties area. So far we have produced three plays: The hall of healing (a comedy set in a 1920s Dublin dispensary), Big Maggie (a melodrama set in Kerry) and Once a Catholic (a comedy set in a girls school in London thatís run by Irish nuns).

All three plays have run to full houses over the four nights of each show. Due to the success of our plays a number of members of the group have appeared on TV adverts and RTE and BBC productions.

The company consists of eight core members who meet to rehearse on a weekly basis all year round. The original members include May Grendon, Oliver Ennis, Kay Fenlon and Josie Sheehan. At present we rehearse over The Lamplighter Pub every Tuesday night.

The company director Damien Kaye has worked in professional theatre on and off for over ten years, this has helped to ensure a high production value to all of its shows to date. 

You can expect to see Josie Sheehan play her nastiest character to date (worse than Big Maggie). In the play she teams up with Kay Fenlon and the result is reminiscent of "Laurel and Hardy" at their best.

May after playing a 16 year old school girl in "Once a Catholic" takes a turn at playing an 82 year old woman!!

We are currently rehearsing our forth play called One of our Own.   The play was commissioned by the group and written by Peter Reid, an up and coming writer and director who is currently making a name for himself on the Dublin theatre circuit.